Our Towels

our towels2Look at the towels you're presently using - are you satisfied? Do they look fresh, new, alive?
Our solution is so incredibly simple - we often wonder why they haven't been available before!

Each towel is hand dyed, no two are alike.
We offer two color palette combinations.

Primary colors:  red, blue, and yellow.
Secondary colors: purple, green, and orange.

Since each towel is a work of art, (hand tied and dyed) we do not have "in stock" designs.
We can rush, but there are no same day deliveries. We can promise you, they are worth the wait.

Our Towels are $30. for 6 plus 5.99 shipping and handling and $55. per dozen, plus 9.99 shipping and handling.
Please expect a 2 to 4 weeks from order date to delivery. We promise they are worth the wait!

Interested in a palette of colors representing your style? Contact us and we will try to coordinate a special color combination just for you!
Call today, we'd be delighted to tell you about our product.

If you would like a sample of our towels, contact us. We'll be happy to send you one.